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Kerlson Pines Keystone M004(2020/21 sale sire)

Kerlson Pines Keystone M004 is an exceptionally robust bull with plenty of rib length and quality.

We thought he looked a bull to add doing ability, eye toughness and calving ease, whilst maintaining depth of rib and structure.

With 100% calving success in our heifers, he looks to be on target. His dam is one of Kerlson Pines go to cows.

Oakdowns Lawloit L075(2020 sale sire)

This bloke does a lot of the difficult things very well. Positive calving ease with good growth, over twice breeder average for EMA with positive fats and some useful IMF, A sire with great quality in his progeny,

Injemira Anzac L027 (2018 sale sire)

Compact, deep, strong-backed bull with nice flat bone and very good structure and foot profile. From an attractive cow and has great balance with performance through his data.

Days Columbus G20 (2013- 2017 sale sire)

A great bull for thickness, length and a perfect temperament. We ask a lot from this bloke with an autumn and a spring joining and he always comes in in good shape and ready for more. Genuine calving ease with growth, above breed average scrotal and good EMA and IMF means Columbus is a high indexing sire.

Talbalba Young Gun R5XE160 (2012/13/14 sale sire)

A big clean shouldered bull from the well credential Talbalba herd. A very sound foot and leg setup with plenty of EMA and doing ability. Combined with his outstanding dam has meant he has had a positive influence in our herd.

Faukland Legion FLDZ251

Reserve Junior Champion Sydney 2006 Sold to Ardno and Newcomen Hereford studs for $23,000. His sons have topped both of these sale teams selling to $21,000. He produced cattle with high growth,extra depth and EMA. Used in 13 herds in Australia and in use in New Zealand where his sons have led some of the sales. He was ranked in the Top 1% for all growth traits, 5% EMA and RBY. The sire of Ardno Calypson $21,000 Red Hill Hereford Stud, Ardno Concave (sire of the Junior Champion Heifer at Sydney 2012) who sold for $13,000 to Beggan Hill Hereford Stud and Ardno Fable $9000 to the Johnston family.

Talbalba Advance K134(2020/21 sale sire)

Topping the Talbalba sale when purchased with Lotus Herefords for $20,000. His weaners look terrific with thickness, length, softness and exceptionally quiet.Great carcase data is a bonus and his mother was our pick of the Talbalba herd.

Allendale Anzac E114 (current)

One of the elite sires with growth, muscle, doing ability and breed leading IMF. Sons have sold up to $110,000 and have been very keenly sought after around many sales.

Glendan Park Hot Shot H102 (2017 sale sire)

Produced our equal top priced bull in 2017 and has bred exceptionally soft skinned robust cattle with muscle and constitution.

Mawarra Classic Hit HRPJ060 (2015/16 sale sire)

Classic Hit J060 was purchased for $28,000 by Karoondah Herefords in Victoria and used here on yearling heifers in 2015 with great calving success. His progeny sold well and there are some nice females in the herd.

Faulkland Hamilton FLDY175 (2005/6 sale sire)

Supreme Exhibit Sydney 2005 Wodonga Grand Champion sold for $46,000 to Charvel & Stannum Hereford studs. He was used in 17 herds, producing long soft cattle with big EMA. Produced bulls selling up to $21,000 twice and leading the Stannum team for many years.