Faulkland Legion

Reserve Junior Champion Sydney 2006

Sold to Ardno and Newcomen Hereford studs for $23,000. His sons have topped both of these sale teams selling to $21,000. He produced cattle with high growth,extra depth and EMA.Used in 13 herds in Australia and in use in New Zealand where his sons have led some of the sales.

He was ranked in the Top 1% for all growth traits, 5% EMA and RBY. The sire of Ardno Calypson $21,000 Red Hill Hereford Stud, Ardno Concave (sire of the Junior Champion Heifer at Sydney 2012) who sold for $13,000 to Beggan Hill Hereford Stud and Ardno Fable $9000 to the Johnston family.

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